Yoga in the Cold

With spring here, you may begin to be tempted to take your practice outside. There are several reasons that outdoor yoga is great, and after a long winter, you are probably antsy to get outside more. Depending on your location, you might get quite chilly practicing outside of the studio right now. To let you get out sooner, here are some tips on how to stay warm.

Yoga Pants

To keep all of your body heat from going out to the cold you will want to stick to long pant styles. While in a studio, the couple of inches difference between stylish capris and long styles does not seem like much; when you are outside in the elements it can make a big difference. You will also want to pay attention to the material of your leggings. Choosing a pair that is made with a thicker material is going to help insulate you better.


For cooler days, you will want to follow the same advice for your shirts. Long sleeves will make a big difference in your comfort level on cool days. Make sure that the material your shirt is made of has some good stretch to it. Thicker shirts can start to become constricting, and that can hold back your practice. A hooded shirt can also keep you warmer, since so much of your body heat escapes through your head.


An easy way to add a layer of warmth to your wardrobe is a vest. They are simple, stylish, and will not add much bulk. A good quality vest will help trap heat over your core, which is going to provide you the most comfort. Due to the lack of sleeves, a vest also should not reduce mobility. It is important that your range of motion is not impeded, and a vest will let you do your practice in comfort.

Other Considerations

How cold your hands, feet, and ears feel has a major impact on how cold your body feels. When those body parts are cold, you are going to feel uncomfortable. Gloves are a good idea, and you can get them with grips on the palms and fingers. For your feet, you can get yoga socks, or just get the no slip socks. Yoga socks that come up as leg warmers are going to keep you extra warm but might leave your toes a little exposed. Lastly, keep your ears warm; either with a hat, a headband, or a cute pair of ear muffs.

There are some easy adjustments to your wardrobe that you can make to stay warm on those cool days. Long sleeves and long-legged pants are going to help insulate you, and you can add a stylish vest for an extra layer. Make sure that your layers and thicker clothing do not bunch up, and that you are free to move comfortably. Finally, don’t forget about your extremities. In normal yoga wear, your hands, feet, and ears will all be bare. Cover them up to keep yourself comfortable and enjoy your practice.


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